Andy Warhola graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology (presently Carnegie-Mellon University) in June 1949. He was amongst a group of 35 graduates of the Art and Design department. This was an exceptionally special class of students since many of them went on to become very successful in their own right. Most of the male students were returning vets on the GI Bill, therefore they were much older than Andy, sometimes by 3 and 4 years. Though Andy’s talents were noticeable from the very beginning his fellow students also had tremendous influence on him as well. They gave him a lot of support during the several times that he risked expulsion.

The following list are the graduates of that very special class. We hope to expand this section with a biography of each classmate. Please feel free to email us any further information that will help us with our endeavor.

Carnegie Tech’s ‘the 49’rs

Dorothy Adams

Philip Ciotti

Bernard Digman

Arthur Elias

Lois Fahnestock

John Pete Fischer

Hubert FitzGerald

Susan Foster

Robert Grove

Louise Fay (Grove)

Elizabeth Betsy Gruse

Samuel Highberger

Beverly Huggler

Patricia Johnson

Charles (Chuck) Kavenagh

Leonard Kessler

Steve Kiselick

George Klauber

Robert Korn

Jean Kneidler

Russell Kuhlberg

Paul Kuzma

Michael Melack

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Musser Githens

Philip Pearlstein

Bennard Perlman

Joe Sherrer

Patricia Patty Miller

Gretchen Schmertz

Jim Soisson

Herb Saiger

Andrew Warhola

Ken Welch

‘Jack’ Wilson

Francis Yost